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Commercial Design


Franchi Decor specializes in the complete design and development of professional office space. The team of design experts creates beautiful functional work spaces that promote a positive working environment and enhance the overall customer experience. Due to the breadth of materials available, Franchi Decor works with a select group of suppliers that will work within defined budget parameters. Whether it is custom cabinetry, flooring, window treatments or simply painting solutions, Franchi Decor will ensure that the work is completed on time, on budget and is a true reflection of you and your business.

The design process begins with the client consultation phase. This is where we gain an understanding of the customer’s vision and explore various concepts and alternatives that are available.
Decorating workspace generally begins from the floor up and there are a variety of options ranging from traditional indoor-outdoor carpets to seamless epoxy and terrazzo.

Millwork or custom cabinetry is increasingly customized to make the best use of the space available and ultimately enhance work flow and employee productivity.


Reception area design is extremely important because first impressions can set the stage for a positive customer experience. This is where a professional business can really make a statement about their overall image and their focus on their customer.


Window treatments can also make a statement. Outdated window coverings mean an outdated room. There are exquisite blinds and shutters that will truly accentuate the quality of your office space. Company logos can also be placed on shades facing the exterior without impairing the view from the interior. What a cost effective way to promote your business!


Franchi Decor has vast experience in working with builders on a variety of residential, condominium and commercial projects. Our design team works with architects, engineers, design firms and individuals who are tasked with specifying interior finishes. Working collaboratively, we use our Design and Development process to select the right materials and then make sure they are applied or installed perfectly and on time.

Residential Design ~ Interior Decorating


Franchi Decor specializes in window design and drapery. As a dealer in window treatments, we offer a huge range of products and installation services at very competitive pricing. We pride ourselves on being the one stop shop for all your window covering needs.

Depending on your specific room environment, we will usually recommend a blind, a shade, drapery or a window shutter.

Blinds (mini, micro, wood, vinyl, faux wood or vertical) use slats, vanes or louvers to control the amount of light passing through the window covering.

Shades (roller, window, pleated, woven wood and honeycomb) controls light by moving fabric on or off the window by raising or lowering.

Custom draperies (drapery, panels, valances, folding shades, cornices, roman shades, etc) add elegance to a room.

Window shutters (Plantation or California) can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, provide light and privacy plus save furniture, floors and carpet from fading simply by adjusting the louvers. They’re available in wood, vinyl or composite. As an added decorative feature, traceries or wrought iron ornamental lattice art, add that designer touch to any indoor space.


Franchi Decor will make you fall in love with your room again! Colour affects emotions – it can make you feel energized or relaxed; it can even change body temperature and affect moods. Color can create warmth and help complete the desired look. We specialize in offering suggestions and helping you come to the best decision possible when choosing the colors for your room.

A consultation with Gloria Franchi will help uncover a whole range of design ideas from a personal colour palette tailored for you that will refresh, transform, and renew your home, to choices of furniture fabrics and windows/window coverings that make your space shine above the rest.